After Builders Cleaning NW1 Euston, Camden Town

Before CleaningAre you one of the people secretly dreaming about builders who clean after themselves. Well, we’re very sorry to tell that this is impossible. It’s like their mission is not only to renovate but to make your house a mess. But if you live in Euston, Camden Town, NW1, then you are lucky. You have cleaning experts nearby.

We are here to enable you to see the beauty of your new home when we remove all the rubbish and dust, and dirt. Take the best service for your surroundings. Our team of professionals will deep clean every inch of your home and nothing will be left dirty.

They are fully equipped and prepared to meet all kind of requirements.

Domestic cleaning services
After Builders Cleaning £22/h
Regular Cleaning £19/h
One off Cleaning £22/h

Perfect After Builders Cleaning Service in Euston, Camden Town

Our after builders cleaning service includes proper vacuuming to all floors and carpets. We can apply steam carpet cleaning if necessary. The cleaners will mop and wipe everything –stairs, door frames, doors, cupboards in and out, skirting boards, windows, sills. Windows will be washed and at the outside if reachable. All surfaces will be polished.

Besides everything listed above, we offer:

  • Prices fitting any budget
  • Very flexible timetable with a chance for rescheduling
  • Professional cleaning service from highly qualified team
  • Kind personal treatment from our assistants at Euston, Camden Town, NW1
  • A chance to combine different services

We shouldn’t forget to say that walls and ceilings will also be cleaned. Which literally means that you will have a deep and thorough cleaning like never before. About the other services you can choose for your home, you can ask our assistants or to visit our webpage where everything is well explained and described.

Superb after builders cleaning

After Renovation CleaningGiving a new vision to your home is not enough if it’s covered with dust and dirt or if there is an old grease and grime on your kitchen appliances. It all makes your initial idea not so beautiful in reality.

If you try cleaning by yourself, it may take a few days as builders dust is very stubborn and hard to fight with. You better avoid all the suffering and come to our office at Euston, Camden Town, NW1 to schedule a professional cleaning.