End Of Tenancy Cleaning SE1 Bankside, South Bank

End Of Tenancy CleaningDo you still have any doubts in hiring professional cleaning services before you vacate your rental place? Make up your mind and benefit from our expert end of tenancy cleaning services, which are available in all Bankside, South Bank, SE1. This will save you a lot of troubles and efforts and at last you will even get your deposit back.

The final sanitation of your home means deep cleaning and erasing every trail, which you left. It is not only about just dusting and moping, but also disinfection. We realise that only hard-working people can cope with this challenging task and that’s why we collaborate only with diligent cleaning techs, who are ready to use all of their energy to solve your cleaning problem and achieve only sparkling results.

We use special cleaning equipment, which consists of efficient tools and detergents, which will remove the stains and disinfect every surface. To achieve perfection, we use chemical-free solutions, which are not only eco-friendly, but also health-friendly.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Studio from £89
One Bedroom Flat from £145
Two Bedrooms Flat from £165
Three Bedrooms Flat from £189

Detailed list of tasks included in the cleaning service

Do not waste any more time comparing cleaning services. Choose our company for quality cleaning services at a great price. Allow us to assist you in making your rented property look its best with our end of tenancy cleaning service, and don’t worry about the moving process. Our professional cleaning teams would take care of everything.


  • Cleaning and disinfection of work tops and cooking areas.
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances.
  • Oven cleaning, stove top and extractor cleaning.
  • Cleaning of kitchen drawers and cupboards.
  • Internal window cleaning and wiping of window sills.
  • Scrubbing of tiled walls and surfaces.


  • Dusting of furniture, skirting boards, door frames and other surfaces.
  • Windows cleaning internally (including the window sills).
  • Vacuum cleaning of the mattress.
  • External and internal cleaning, and organisation of cupboard and shelves.
  • Wiping of shelves, decoration, mirrors and frames pictures.
  • Floor vacuuming and mopping.
  • Disinfection of door handles and light switches.


  • Wash away limescale and give your bath a good scrub
  • Remove any dirt or stains from the shower cabinet
  • Complete cleaning of the toilet from in and outside
  • Removal of limescale buildup from sink and taps
  • Wash the tiles and wipe them dry
  • Ensure the mirrors are free of dirt
  • Give cupboards and shelves a fresh look with cleaning and polishing
  • Remove dirt from skirting boards and doors

Booking our move out cleaning is easy

All of our services are easy to arrange and reasonably priced . To make an appointment with us, simply contact us and provide us with some basic information about your situation. Our customer support representatives will tailor a service to your specific requirements and circumstances. To acquire one of our expert cleaning services, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Write an email or give us a call.
  2. Share some general information about the size and condition of your property with them.
  3. Pick the best date and time for your service.
  4. Over the phone, receive a free customised price quote.

Immaculate end of tenancy cleaning services in Bankside, South Bank

In fact no matter on which part of the side you are- landlord or tenant- you can only benefit from our professional service, which include:

  • Trustworthiness and reliability in every aspect of our job
  • Assiduous and organised cleaning workforce, specially chosen for the hard task
  • Number of tools and detergents, that are appropriate for the deep cleaning
  • 48 hours guarantee for successful passing of the final inspection
  • Chemical-free cleaning, with best performance
  • Detailed sanitation and disinfection
  • Respectful and courteous manner
  • Budget-able prices, complied only with the size and condition of the place
  • Services, which are available every day

We are on first place people, who are comprehensive and we understand that things happen every moment. For that purpose all of our customers in Bankside, South Bank, SE1 can re-plan or cancel our appointment and to avoid any charges for this, we kindly request to let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

Living in this area, we got you covered

Elite end of tenancy cleaning

Tenancy CleanerRely on us for the effective cleaning of your old rental place. We created an all-encompassing check list, which is based on the highest standards. The moment you call us, we will take care of your needs and send you our cleaning team in a day and time, which best fits your needs.

Scratch the cleaning of your old rental place of your to-do list and benefit from our end of tenancy cleaning services in Bankside, South Bank, SE1. You will only win with us, because our rates are reasonable and way more less than your deposit.