Window Cleaning N6 Highgate

Window Cleaner If you need assistance with the cleaning of the windows in your home, work place, rented or other kind of estate give us a call. Our company offers some of the most professional and effective window cleaning services available in Highgate, N6 which bring spotless glasses.

The work of our cleaning technicians is qualitative and safe thanks to the high-grade reach and wash equipment they use to wash external windows. Our employees clean such with telescopic poles made of carbon fibre which reach to 80 feet without the need of ropes or ladders. The window cleaning provided by our company is trustworthy and inexpensive.

Window Cleaning Internal External
1 bedroom property £20 £40
2 bedroom property £30 £60
3 bedroom property £40 £80
4 bedroom property £50 £100

Smudge-free Window Cleaning Service in Highgate

In case you need help with the washing of the windows in your property give us a call and we will provide it. Our staff are supplied with modern and tested tools and equipment for washing internal and external windows.

The equipment and technology we use to clean windows are:

  • Telescopic poles of carbon fibre
  • Soft bristled brushes which are attached to the poles
  • Extensions to reach as high as necessary
  • Purified water extracted from special containers in our staff’s vans which doesn’t leave streaks
  • Squeegees, window wipers and cleaning solutions

Most of the presented above supplies for reaching and washing are applied for external windows located to the 4th floor. Internal and lower located glasses, sills and ledges are being cleaned with squeegees, traditional supplies and methods. The window cleaning which you will receive from our company in and around Highgate, N6 is excellent.

Incomparable Window Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning of WindowsIf you need one-off or regular cleaning of the windows in any place in your home, rented or business property, from the cellar to the loft, give us a call. The service will be implemented from the ground for external windows and there will be no need for the customer to be present.

Our staff are experts in window cleaning which they carry out in the Highgate, N6 area during weekdays, weekends and bank holidays. Rely on them to ensure the spotless and clearly visible condition of the glass surfaces in any estate.